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Reason #1: Practical, Comprehensive, In-depth NLP Training

For more than 40 years of development, both Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neuro-Semantics™ have become a profound subject with a wide body of knowledge. You could spend days learning and exploring the specific details of any one aspect of NLP & Neuro-Semantics.

We don’t cut corners on your learning experiences. As we are thorough in our teaching, and go in-depth in each topic. That is why in the Applied NLP Practitioner Certification training, you will be investing your time with us, 8 full days over 3 weeks.

Practical NLP Training

You will be ‘drilled’ with a structured, thorough, detailed, and systematic learning NLP. You will be going to explore each topic deeper.

You learn through Doing and Experimenting. This means you get the core knowledge and essentials on applying NLP & NS in the areas that matter to you most, including your career, finances, professional development, personal growth, relationships, health, and in your business. So that you can recognize the potential and develop your core competencies, your skills and your experience after the training.

The value to you: You will develop competence with NLP techniques and tools, benefiting right from the very start of your training. Take these skills, to enrich every aspect and improve the quality of your life.

Reason #2: Result-driven & solution-focused. We want you to get results!

Result speaks! There’s nothing better than getting results and achieving your ultimate vision and goals!

Getting Result, is the best indicator, the best evidence in showing you can actualizing your highest potential and making it real.

Result focused NLP Training

In NLP Technologies Malaysia, we focus on results, rather than dwelling on problems. Each and every of our exercises are designed to help you making a positive shift in your mindset and thinking. This will enable you to improve your performance and working towards achieving your goals. When you change your mindset, you change the way you think, behavior and decisions about things, and ultimately you change the outcome your produce.

The value to you: Continuing with our commitment to effective, practical, yet pragmatic NLP training, we deliver measurable results at every step of the training process as you progress from being Competent to Proficient. Result, is the best ROI in your training investment.

Reason #3: The New Developments in NLP: Neuro-Semantics™

As there’re many new and significant developments in NLP, we realized that many NLP Trainers (not only just in Malaysia) did not to keep up with the latest NLP updates and developments. If you search around NLP Training Providers in Malaysia, you’ll discover that many NLP trainers are still teaching the old syllabus, traditional NLP models and strategies.

To date, the developments in NLP has been developing, growing, changing and are continue to develop. Over the years, building upon the foundations in NLP, Neuro-Semantics™ has developed several new models beyond the existing NLP models, namely Axes of Change Model™, Self-Actualization Psychology™, Matrix Model™, Benchmarking Model™, Facilitation Model, etc. These new developments have brought NLP to a greater depth.


You want to choose the leading-edge technology, because it’s faster, better, and more effective, right? And you would also need to constantly update your technology, to improve its speed, enhance its performance, and having more new features to serve you better!

The value to you: “Strategies that worked in the past, may not work well again in the future.” Because time change. Technologies change. And as time changes, some of the traditional NLP models and strategies may not work as effectively and efficiently as it was. Therefore, learning the latest development in NLP and Neuro-Semantics gives you a leading edge.

Reason #4: Designed for people who like to build practical knowledge in NLP

We respect your intelligence, your integrity, your individuality and your experience. In NLP Technologies, you are encouraged to think for yourself, make your own discoveries and learn through exploring the subjects as part of a small 'learning team'. Everything is open to challenge and discussion. And because of our small learning team policy, you have lots of time and opportunity to talk about what you are learning.

You are an active participant at all times, where you'll also be contributing to the group learning process. That's the beauty of learning in a small group - everyone gets to participate and agree, disagree, question, challenge, talk about their own experiences, ask for clarification, etc. – which, of course, makes what you learn much more memorable.

The value to you: You gain true, practical knowledge in NLP through experimenting, testing, observing and experiencing it for yourself, so you can better model and apply the skills in NLP skillfully, deeper and profound.

Reason #5: Time to practice what you learn, with guidance, coaching & mentoring by your NLP Trainer

Our small learning team policy ensures that you will be part of a learning team of around 5 to 10 people rather an audience of anything from 15 and above.

Small-group learning ensures that you have the time and the space to:

Practice NLP Training

⇒ get to know people
⇒ ask questions and challenge what you are learning
⇒ learn from the experiences of other participants
⇒ have plenty of time for practicing what you learn
⇒ have on-going coaching, mentoring, and feedback from your NLP Master Trainer and classmates.

And our certified courses are run on a modular basis. This means you get the chance for essential practice and integration of your knowledge in between each module.

The value to you: Mastery is the key. You won't just gain new knowledge, you master new skills. Mastery doesn’t come overnight, it requires lots of practice and experiment. Our aim for you is that you have the necessary NLP skills and ability to get the positive outcomes and results you want in life.

Reason #6: Develop practical skills through Doing

There is a huge difference between Knowing and Doing. Listening to inspiring and entertaining presenters can increase your knowledge and your belief in your ability but does little for your skill. And the enthusiasm rarely lasts more than a week or two (so you have to return for another dose of enthusiasm later).

In NLP Technologies, we aim to ensure that you leave the training considerably more skilled and competent than when you arrived. That way you will be able to apply all the learnings in your training, to solve your daily problems, while working closer towards your dreams and goals, day-by-day. Every single day.

The value to you: You achieve high NLP standards through rigorous quality training, supervision and coaching. You walk-away with a tangible sense of competence, because NLP Technologies sets its standards above industry norms.

Reason #7: Applying-To-Self — Walking The Talk

While NLP certainly has the power for us to work "magic" on people, the problem with this is that the focus is on the NLP practitioner doing something to the client. And when that’s the focus, then the frames by implication is that the person doing it to another doesn’t do it on oneself.

Therefore, we strongly emphasize on Applying-To-Self, first. Self-application, self-leadership, self-coaching, and only then to others.

As Mahatma Gandhi says, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Doing this enables you to walk-your-talk, being the walking examples and role models for others. So that you can be totally congruent and personally aligned – that’s personal power. That’s the foundation of leadership.

The value to you: Personal power and congruency comes from "applying to self" first. This focus leads to more willingness to look at oneself, to use the processes with oneself, and to consciously aim to continually grow and improve.

Reason #8: The Risk-Free Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

Often times, we heard many stories of participants went to seminars, courses, and trainings and feeling that they don’t receive the promise given and the value they paid for.

Your training investment shouldn’t be a gamble.

We have researched that many NLP Training Providers won’t even give you this Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee at all. We’re not like that.

We know you have options to choose the right NLP Practitioner Course for yourself. Here, with us, at NLP Technologies Malaysia, we provide you Risk-Free Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee in many of our NLP Training courses. The reason is we don’t want anybody unhappy or regret. And we surely don’t want to misrepresent ourselves for your hard-earned money.

If after attending the first day of the training program, you don’t feel at least having added-value of what you can grow your career, your professional life, or improve the quality of your personal life, we’ll refund your money. No questions asked and no hard feelings. Fair enough?

Because we want to truly make sure that we provide you with excellent value, skills and knowledge that you can appreciate and practically apply in your daily lives, personally and professionally.

The value to you: You have nothing to lose! There is Zero-Risk on your side, we’ll take all the risk.

Reason #9: Value For Money – At The Most Competitive Offer

We don’t compromise on quality as we strive to deliver the most comprehensive and finest NLP Training available.

We hold fast to our vision: To empower every individual and organization to achieve more. In order to achieve that, we provide you with excellent value for your money by maintaining very competitive training fees while maintaining full-length training hours and keeping attendances very small. We limit the numbers to ensure you have access to, and receive individual attention and guidance from, our Certified NLP Master Trainer.

The value to you: Remember our Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee? Over many years, we offer this cost reduction because we want to give everyone the best possible opportunity to gain the benefits and advantages that NLP can offer. We strive to maximize the impact of every money spent to improve people’s lives. Your life.

Psychology Today

NLP cannot be dismissed as another hustle. Its theoretical underpinnings represent an ambitious attempt to codify and synthesize the insights of linguistics, body language, and the study of communications systems.

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TIME Magazine

NLP has untapped potential for treating individual problems and has become an all-purpose self-improvement program and technology.

TIME Magazine

Give yourself the best. NLP provides you a positive psychology approach to achieve a balanced, successful, and fulfilling life.

Change is complicated. NLP makes it easy.
Transformation takes time. NLP makes it fast.

NLP: The Strategy for Transformation and Excellence

Jack Canfield

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful system of thinking that can accelerate the achievement of your personal and professional goals. –The Success Principles, p.448.

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International Journal of Training and Development

NLP does offer the potential for making changes without the usual agony that accompanies these phenomena… Thus it affords the opportunity to gain flexibility, creativity, and greater freedom of action than most of us now know.

International Journal of Training and Development

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