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Are Some of the Great Leaders Introverts?
Believe It or Not. From young, introverted, unknown, to empowering people and transforming lives “Licensed NLP, Neuro-Semantics™ & Self-Actualization Psychology™ Trainer” at 21.

It’s Not About Motivation.
It Takes Will-Power, Hard Work, Determination, And Discipline!

For people who would not willing to settle for less and want to achieve the ultimate vision of your life, career, finances, health, relationships, and business


Message from CY Soh,

I shared my life journey of what made me become who I am now, BECAUSE I felt it would best demonstrate and connect the dots for people (like you) on how crucially important it is to develop some specific knowledge & skills, the life lessons — to broaden your perspective, to enhance your understanding, to increase your available choices, to free up your sense of possibility — to empower you to never get stuck again.

CY Soh NLP Trainer NLP Practitioner Training for Success in Neuro-Semantics Malaysia

CY Soh
MSc Finance
Certified NLP Master Trainer (NLP University)
Licensed Neuro-Sematics Trainer (ISNS)
Success Coach

Hi, I’m CY Soh. I’m a Certified NLP Master Trainer, Licensed Neuro-Semantics™ and Self-Actualization Psychology™ Trainer, a Success Coach, a speaker, a researcher, and NLP Modeler.

My VISION is seeing the world where "Every person has the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest potential and excellence, live life meaningfully with fulfillment, and contribute to all aspects of life."

My MISSION is to 1) Empower every person and every organization to achieve more, and 2) Taking NLP and Neuro-Semantics™ to the next level of excellence.

I inspire. I empower. I train. I teach. I coach. I research.

I help individuals—like you—in the area of career, finances, relationships, health, business and personal development, growth and success. I help people breakthrough limitations, obstacles, challenges and fears that have been holding them back from growth and success. I help them realize their most important goals.

I help them rediscover, reconnect their ultimate purpose, meaning and reignite their passion in life, regain their inner-strength and personal power, and unleashing their greatest potentials for higher achievement and success—with fulfillment.

I help organizations—develop leaders. In challenging and uncertain times, the world needs skilled leaders like never before. From self-leadership to leading groups, teams and organization, to fortifying competitive and strategic advantage to tackle the most complex issues, and to realize organizational goals—that really matters to them most.

Individuals, teams, and leaders that need to aligning with organization’s vision and values, collaborate effectively, and fully engage, in order to achieve what matters most to them – with measurable, powerful, and sustainable results.

I hold a Bachelor of Finance (Hons) degree and a Master of Science in Finance. I serve in the financial market industry, specializing in investment research and financial trading. Apart from mastery in NLP, Neuro-Semantics™ and Coaching, my core competencies in the financial area are: investment analysis, technical analysis, financial trading systems and strategies, and behavioral finance.

I’m also a researcher. Specifically, my interest of research areas are: NLP, Neuro-Semantics™, Humanistic & Transpersonal Psychology, General Semantics, Leadership and Strategy Studies, Trading Systems and Strategies, Logic and Systems Theory. I study the strategies and psychology of successful people; how our brain works; how we can produce lasting, rapid change in our behaviors; how great leaders lead and how we can become a better and impactful leader; how we can produce massive results; how we can achieve more, faster, better, smarter, etc.

Brief Summary of My Academic & Professional Credentials +
  • Master of Science in Finance and Bachelor of Finance (Hons).
  • Asia's Youngest Certified Master Trainer of NLP, certified by the NLP University (NLPU), USA. Trained by Robert Dilts, one of early NLP developers.
  • Asia’s first youngest (at age 21, 2012) Licensed Trainer of NLP, Neuro-Semantics™ & Self-Actualization Psychology™, licensed by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS), USA. Trained by Dr. L. Michael Hall, Neuro-Semantics™ co-founder of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS) and co-developer of Neuro-Semantics™.
  • Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, certified by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS) and the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP).
  • Certified NLP Master Coach, certified by American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP), USA.
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Time-Line Therapy™, certified by Intentional Time-Line Therapy Association (ITLTA), USA.
  • Certified Master Hypnotist, certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH), USA.
  • Certified Hypnotherapist, certified by the International Association of Counselors and Therapist (IACT), USA.
  • Certified Practitioner of Silva Life System and Silva Intuition System, certified by Silva International, USA.

CY Soh

MSc Finance
Certified NLP Master Trainer (NLP University)
Licensed Neuro-Semantics™ & Self-Actualization Psychology™ Trainer (ISNS)
Success Coach

Change is complicated. NLP makes it easy.
Transformation takes time. NLP makes it fast.

NLP: The Strategy for Transformation and Excellence

An Interview with CY Soh on NLP

“How did you get started with NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming?” +

QUESTION: How did you get started with NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

My Journey in NLP – All the way back…

Since when I was as young as 9-year-old, I was exposed to some of those powerful performance tools such as Positive Thinking, Psycho-Cybernetics, NLP, the Law of Success, etc.

My dad loves to read personal development and self-help books, many among others, for example:

  • Unlimited Power, Awaken The Giant Within (Anthony Robbins)
  • NLP – The New Technology of Achievement (Steve Andreas and Charles Faulkner)
  • The Law of Success, Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill)
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen Covey)
  • The Psychology of Winning (Denis Waitley)
  • Psycho-Cybernetics (Maxwell Maltz)
  • The Power of Positive Thinking (Norman Vincent Peale)
  • And others.

And he used to share stories about how people apply certain specific strategies and achieve the same successful results, better and faster!

I was so fascinated about how high performance and success can be duplicated and achieved by anybody in any area, using the powerfully practical tools in NLP Modeling Strategies by extract and modeling the best strategies and effective behaviors of those successful people did.

Informally, that’s when how I get started with learning some of the fundamental knowledge in NLP.

“When did you get started your formal NLP training as NLP Practitioner?” +

QUESTION: When did you get started your formal NLP training as NLP practitioner?

The Tough Days When I Fell

I remember back then, in 2010, I was having some tough and difficult times during my days in university. I used to be pretty smart and fast in learning, and somehow unfortunate events happened. I lost my confidence in study, I lost the momentum I used to have in fast learning, I had learning difficulties and I felt awfully stuck. I didn’t know what to do. I was thinking, “I’d learnt all those performance and success tools, and how is it not working anymore? Has something gone wrong with what I am doing?.....”

Until one day, I realized that I could no longer keep myself in this stuck situation for long, I had enough of it! I needed some change!

The Moment of Decision that Shaped My Life

As I recalled back some of the stories of successful people on how did they experience adversity, going through struggling and get back up stronger, one of the stories caught my attention, that’s the story of Anthony Robbins, the World’s Greatest Peak Performance Specialist and Number 1. Success Coach.

During the downfall of Anthony Robbins, at age 18, after the peak of his career promoting seminars for Jim Rohn, he was alone, overweight, broke, sad and depressed, living in bachelor apartment in Venice, California. He was then being introduced NLP—Neuro-Linguistic Programming by his friend, and soon he was trained in NLP, building his own training & coaching business and became a millionaire in less than a year and transforming his whole life.

Inspired by Anthony Robbins’ story, I thought learning NLP is the solution to my problem. So I began searching for available NLP training in Malaysia. And quickly, I enrolled for the NLP Practitioner training without a doubt or hesitation.

Soon enough, after learning NLP, I managed to take control of my personal power, get back up, and take my performance to the next level.

So Much More Practical Applications with NLP. "How do you apply NLP in your work and life?" +

QUESTION: Often times, many of my NLP Trainer peers curiously asked me, “CY, most of the time as NLP Trainer and coach, we apply NLP tools in our training, coaching and dealing with people in communication, leadership, sales, parenting, therapy, etc. And how you’re so different, in your area of work in financial trading and investment (in which most of your time on computers, reading financial & economic news, etc.), what other more ways of application do you apply NLP and how did you do that?”

So Much More Practical Applications with NLP

You see, NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming has gone beyond just application with people in the areas of communication, coaching, leadership, parenting, education, therapy, etc. For me, NLP is first apply-to-self (self-application, self-coaching, self-leadership). So that we can walk-our-talk, be congruent and personally aligned.

NLP at Work

Here’s how I use NLP in the area of financial trading and investment, my applications of NLP are: researching and analyzing companies (digging deeper and understand more about the industries and businesses), predicting and forecasting industry trends and company performance, planning and anticipating future favorable and unfavorable events and preparing how we can deal with it (scenario analysis and risk management), managing my emotions and states in the chaotic financial market in making investment decisions, while filtering news and thinking through information critically and deeply (logical reasoning and rational thinking), etc.

NLP: Modeling The Strategy of Excellence

Oh yes, one of the most critical application is…MODELING. How I use NLP modeling strategies to model the investment industry’s experts to make better investment decisions, so that I can apply their success strategies and formula, to produce the same results. Experts like top investors (Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Mark Mobius) and top traders (The Turtle Traders, George Soros, Martin S. Schwartz), just to name a few. They are successful because they have the strategies, the specific skills, the edge, the difference that makes the difference. A couple of areas I model are: What are their investment criteria? What are their thinking processes? How do they think? What are their entry and exit strategy? What are the key
success factors? … The list goes on and on.

All of these daily routine activities are what I do every single day, practicing NLP daily, it involves stress management, maintaining the peak performance state, organizing my thoughts and thinking processes systematically, being able to thinking deeply, critically, strategically, logically and rationally.

NLP at Learning: Accelerating Learning, Solving Problems

Besides, as a researcher and student, I utilize NLP in my research, in accelerating my studies and learning, in thinking deeply on issues and solving critical problems, in my presentations – how to communicate abstract concepts and complex ideas succinctly so that others understand and get my message, how to manage my stress level and having the emotionally mastery in handle multiple projects and tasks, etc. And most importantly, how to have a work-life balance with busy project workloads and living the life I want.

“How fortunate and lucky you could learn NLP early now at your young age. How I wish I could learn this wonderful knowledge and skills of NLP—Neuro-Linguistic Programming and coaching skills earlier!” +

QUESTION: “How fortunate and lucky you could learn NLP early now at your young age. How I wish I could learn this wonderful knowledge and skills of NLP—Neuro-Linguistic Programming and coaching skills earlier!”

From my first class in NLP Practitioner Training, to NLP Master Practitioner Training, to NLP Trainer Training, and to NLP Master Trainer Training, timeandtime
again, the frequently-asked-questions that I had from my classmates and other fellow NLP Trainers, they asked, “CY, how fortunate and lucky you could learn NLP early now at your young age. How I wish I could learn this wonderful knowledge and skills of NLP—Neuro-Linguistic Programming and coaching skills earlier!”, “If I could learn NLP much earlier, my quality of life would be better, probably I could achieve even more in life.”, “What if I could learn NLP younger, I could overcome my personal limiting beliefs that’ve been preventing me from achieving fulfillment.”

A wise man said, " It doesn't matter where you start. Only that you begin."
It’s Never Too Early To Start, It’s Never Too Late To Begin.

Well, you may probably be wondering and thinking if NLP can help you in many ways too.

Make a decision right now, and roll it up with our Applied NLP Certification Training today. Your success awaits.

Together, we embark the journey of achievement with fulfillment. And witness each other's growth and development.

“What’s the biggest challenge you’ve ever face after learning NLP?” +

QUESTION: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve ever face after learning NLP?

You know, I made these serious mistakes.

Like most careers – or any mastery – is more about having the passion, being motivated and working hard than skill, talent, and intelligence. The same this applies to any success.

Nothing comes easy! Nothing beats Hard work.

It takes hard work, determination, willpower and discipline!

A few, however – serious mistakes I made in my life (these were mistakes after when I’ve already become a NLP Trainer). In most of these cases, I was wrong in my evaluation of my capabilities and the challenge I could manage, and I pay the price for my lack of discipline. At other times, I stumbled in either underestimating the complexity of challenges or overestimating my confidence.

One of the most critical mistakes I’ve ever made Thinking that having learnt NLP could accelerate almost anything in my life, feeling unstoppable and infallible. I thought life would be running smoothly well, with minor challenges, without obstacles, I was expecting great things could be achieved in a short period of time. However, I was wrong. I had a losing streak, at the border of passing, but I failed two different professional exams in a straight row.

Emotions – Sometimes I have them, Sometimes They Have Me

I had multiple projects going on, including my exams. My mistake was planning my study schedule till the very last minute (you can see how overconfidence happens), and unfortunate surprise events happened (life is sometimes full of surprises, isn’t it?), leaving me insufficient time, merely coping up (burning the midnight oil), yet still unready and quite unprepared for my exams. Physically I got totally burned-out; emotionally I got devastated and frustrated.

I didn’t realize how disappointed I’d be. Facing the hardcore truth of failing. The silent anger, the unspoken sadness where my tears couldn’t even roll-down. I really have no one
to blame but take full personal responsibility and be accountable for it. I owned my mistakes.

Learning from Mistakes

Reflecting on all my mistakes, making necessary changes in my mindset, realigning my vision, my passion, my values about life and work, developing winners’ attitude, forging my mind for adversity and toughness. Why do I do that? Because I’m a Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP Trainer, I am a Neuro-Semantics™ Trainer, I am a Coach. I help people in realize their ultimate vision and most important goals.

Before that, I must make sure that the knowledge and skills in the NLP trainings I share with people, are well-tested, well-experimented, fine-tuned, foolproof, secure, debugging for improved version.

Neuro-Semantics and NLP Training in Malaysia for Success and Results

Do you have whatever it takes to go through tough times, and still succeed?

I get back up, and keep moving forward. Getting better and stronger than before.

I constantly keep developing, testing, experimenting, research, advancing, fine-tuning, perfecting the knowledge, the skills, the techniques, the craft – over time – walking my talk, so that I can teach what I do, and do what I teach, congruently and personally fully aligned.

“What’s your advice/suggestion/recommendation for those who are new to NLP and those who want to take their NLP skills and knowledge to the next level?” +

You’ve probably already knew and seen my transformation story—from who I was, where I was, what I have been through…to who I am, where I am right now.

Personally speaking, from my experience with NLP for a couple many years, yes it helps, it helps improving the quality of your life and takes your performance to greater heights (at least to an extent of giving you new perspectives, new paradigm, new choices, new possibilities and unconventional ways to see/understand/going-through/ solve/tackle/encounter your most difficult problems and challenges in life.

You see, what makes the biggest difference between a struggling life/career/business and a great achievement and success in life are most often the skills developed and applied to yourself, as well as your strategies for success. This is the key!

However, don’t just take my words for it.

A doctor prescribes the medicine, it’s up to the patient’s choice to consume it. I can tell you all the best swimming styles and strokes, but it takes you personally to get into the water, test it, and see for yourself if it really works for you. I could describe all the magnificent experience and positive benefits of NLP to you, but it requires you the willingness, the effort to learn, the commitment to experience it yourself, personally.

You will gain a clearer and deeper understanding of what truly motivates you; your thoughts, your feelings and behaviors and get the life you want. Enroll yourself with our upcoming Applied NLP Training. You can feel secure with our Applied NLP Certification Training that come with Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee feature.

And, I assure you, life will never be the same again.

How To Challenge Yourself and Others To Greatness

Breakthrough Any Limitations and Achieve What Matter Most To You

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