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Discover How You Can Breakthrough Limitations, Obstacles, Challenges And Fears That Have Been Holding You Back From Growth, Achievement And Success

Neuro-Semantics and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner Certification Training in Malaysia

NLP Technologies’ Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training is recognized by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics™ (ISNS), USA.

For people who would not willing to settle for less and want to achieve the ultimate vision of your life, career, finances, health, relationships, and business

Dear Friend,

Have you ever come across any one (or many) of these questions in your mind somewhere along in your life:

1. Why do certain people succeed when others fail?

2. Why is it that some people can produce so much success in their lives and still having reasons being unhappy, whereas those less fortunate can discover a tremendous amount of fulfillment in spite of their hardship and pain?

3. What makes the difference in the quality of people’s lives? What truly creates an extraordinary life, the kind with the power to turn your dreams into reality?

4. What if you could breakthrough your deepest fears, limitations, obstacles, barriers and challenges that have been holding you back and stopping your from growth, achievement and create massive results for getting the success you want in life? And being able to unleashing your potentials towards your ultimate vision of achievement and fulfillment.

5. What if you could influence, inspire, empower and drive yourself and others to produce remarkable results and together empower them to go beyond excellence?

Certainly, together all of these questions came to me some point in my life. When I was at a moment in my life, hitting rock bottom, experienced the lowest point in my life, when I thought I was about to lose everything. I needed help. I needed an answer so profound, so powerful that it could change the quality and the direction of my life—and yours—forever.

The Six Dangerous Impacts Every Individual And Organization Face In Today’s Economy

And What You Can Do About It

To date, with competition getting more aggressive and economic volatility increasing, dangerous patterns can lead to burnout, underperformance, frustrations, missed opportunities, falling behind, and even failure. That's why we must develop our skills, knowledge and competencies, and commit ourselves for excellence.

Truth is many never thought of improving or sharpening their skills, whether it is communication skills, leadership skills, time-management skills, skills for making more money, skills for leading and managing your people, skills for improving your health, skills for increasing your success. Or maybe you're different. You just don't want sitting there hoping for things would turn out okay. People who want their lives to change, but they have no clue to what is it that they want. And worse, they are not willing to do anything to change it.

Now before I go any further, I want to tell you that I have an incredible respect for you. And I care about you, even though I don’t know you personally, and I haven’t met you already. I hope my caring would come to you throughout my deepest sincerity.

The reason I said that is you are at least searching (at this website) for better ways and effective strategies to better every aspect of your life. If you're not even making any effort trying to change, it would definitely cost you more. And for you to be looking into this program, it says to me that you are willing to do what it takes to succeed.

So I want to do my part by giving you the skills that could really make a difference.

I’m here today to pass you a very important message, a message that someone had not only inspired me but also challenged me to push myself beyond my limits and to the fullest in life. One that can make a whole world of impactful difference in your life. And if you would be patient enough to listen to what I have to say, I assure you it would be worth your time.

Whether you want to improve your Finances, taking your Career to the next level, better your Relationships, growing your Business, or ultimately your ability to get the most from your life, it all starts with the foundation of how you think, feel and behave—it all begins at my favorite event—the Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training.

Why Is It So Hard to Achieve the Success You Want in Life?

Here it goes…

Maybe you’ve already tried writing down all your goals and dream-list, you planned what steps you need to take to achieve them, you tried to work 10 times harder than anyone else, you put in all your time, sweat, blood and tears into your job , career and even business…you’ve tried practicing positive thinking, the Law of Attraction, hypnosis, attended various kinds of motivational talks/seminars, reading lots of personal development and self-help books, and yet … that ‘someday’ you’ve been thinking of getting your dream job, get that promotion you want, the recognition you deserved, living in your dream house, have the perfect relationship and family, having business success, and the success that you know you deserve.

All of those, which you dreamt of, seem to be still far away, and never happen for you.

You got totally demotivated, stressed out, burnout, upset, stuck, no longer feeling confident, sense of distrust, self-doubt and disappointments…maybe even angry and frustrated at how life can just be so unfair.

Maybe in your brain, you have lots of thoughts screaming, yelling, telling, and convincing you with many ‘reasons’ to just
surrender and giving it up, totally.

Those were my personal experiences during the lowest point in my life when I hit rock bottom. I don’t know about you. But, if you do
ever encounter or experience few or many of the above descriptions, don’t worry.

It’s because you haven’t received a systematic step-by-step way of making the change. Don’t blame yourself. You may never have been taught the correct way to create breakthroughs and lasting change.

There’s still hope for you. Hang in there! Never give up, never give in.

Because …

I’m here by your side. And I’m here to help you.

So What Is Stopping You From Having The Life You Want Right Now?

Often times there's something that seems to hold us back from growth and success, internal conflicts between our vision, beliefs, values, rules, mindsets and thinking, that ultimately influence the quality of our decisions, behaviors, and experiences.

Here are the Top 4 Reasons Why People Fail:

Top #1 Reason: Our Fears and Limiting Beliefs

Our fear of failure, fear of success, fear of disappointment, fear of the unknown, our limiting beliefs of I’m not good/smart enough, I’m too young/too old, It’s too hard/too tough/too big to achieve, It’s impossible, I can’t do X because of Y… something that cause us to pullback, not giving our best shot, procrastinate, self-doubt and even self-sabotage. It really affect our self-confidence and self-esteem.

Top #2 Reason: Unclear Vision, Unspecified Goals

There are a lot of things we want! It’s uncountable! Our time is precious, our physical energy is limited. And if we were to try do anything to achieve everything, we lose focus, we lose concentration, we lose the intensity to make an impact on our most important goals, goals that really matter to us!

Top #3 Reason: Lack of Planning, Strategy and Formula

Even if we’ve no fear and have clear precise goals, but without the success strategy, workable formula, and lack of planning, we will possibly be making lots of unnecessary mistakes, lots of attempts, trial and errors, and this leads to frustrations, setbacks, anger, upsets, depressed, disappointments, etc.

When you have the right success strategy, when you have a well-specified, detailed and careful planning, when you have gotten the formula to achieve anything you want:

- It saves you time and energy, because failure exacts a higher price in terms of time when you have to do a job over.
- Success eliminates the agony and frustration of defeat.
- Saves you money. Money spent to fail must be spent again to succeed.
- A person’s credibility decreases with each failure, making it harder to succeed the second time.

Top #4 Reason: The Psychology to Going Through Failure, Defeat, Setbacks, and Adversity

Many people give up, many people give in, many people quit when the process gets tough, when they face the difficult times of failure, setbacks, defeat, and adversity. Some goals takes longer time, some goals takes a little more than hard-effort, some goals takes willpower to stay in the game a little longer in order to win. When you fall, when things don’t work out as you think it should be, when the unexpected events happened, these are the times when you have numerous questions about yourself, your purpose, your existence, tons of ‘reasons’ for you to quit, stop, and give up.

It takes courage, strong-will, commitment, perseverance, discipline, determination…to get back up for another round to fight, to move towards your goals, no matter how hard it seems.

Remember this…VICTORY IS NEAR!

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Here Are The Top 6 Benefits And Competitive Advantages You’ll Gain From Our Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training To Take Immediate Control Of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical And Financial Destiny

Here at NLP Technologies, in these 8 powerful days of Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training, this is exactly what you will accomplish:

1. Master the 2 most critical NLP Technologies in life—the Technology of Achievement and the Technology of Fulfillment:

- The Technology of Achievement: Learn the essential skills to take your ultimate vision, what you want and what you dream of and make it a reality.
- The Technology of Fulfillment: Success without fulfillment is not sustainable—you will learn what it takes to live a life with purpose and meaning.

2. Discover exactly what you need to achieve your highest values, passion and purpose in life, develop a step-by-step process for aligning your beliefs, values and experiences in a way that pulls you in the direction of your ultimate vision.

3. Accelerate your career, finances and business growth, taking it to the next level of performance and achievement.

4. Transform your negative emotions (anger, frustration, fear, sadness, anxiety, etc), your limiting beliefs (I’m not good/smart enough, It’s hard to make money, It’s impossible, It’s too difficult, etc.), negative habits (procrastination, performance anxiety, etc.), and other disempowering mindsets and behaviors that prevent/slowdown/ stop you from achieving your goals into a positive, confident, empowering mindset, thinking, emotions, beliefs, habits and behaviors that would unleash your potentials, drastically increase your performance, and achieving your ultimate goals faster.

5. Master the tools to create the Trust and Rapport in your communications, improving your relationships and connecting with others at a deeper level.

6. Create rapid and lasting change in your life and learn how you can influence and positively impact the lives of those around you.

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Change is complicated. NLP makes it easy.
Transformation takes time. NLP makes it fast.

NLP – The New Technology of Achievement

Why NLP? What is NLP?

Did you know that more than 70% of the Fortune 500 companies and other professions are using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and coaching skills to elevate their performance, establishing competitive advantage and staying ahead of others?

Did you know that nowadays many of the leadership development programs, sales training, corporate training, soft-skills training and personal development program have incorporated many of the knowledge, skills and strategies in NLP in their training programs?


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the cutting edge technology of ACHIEVEMENT & EXCELLENCE. NLP helps accelerate performance, NLP makes transformation and behavioral change fast and easy. It has been developing for over 40-years, since the mid-1970s. Nowadays, NLP has many applications and is extensively used in many aspects in our life, in enhancing our communication in persuasion and influence, leadership development, coaching for productivity and performance improvement in businesses and organizations, transformational change, personal development and growth, etc.

NLP has untapped potential for treating individual problems and has become an all-purpose self-improvement program and technology.

TIME Magazine

NLP may be the most powerful vehicle for change in the 21st Century!

Modern Psychology Magazine

I built my sales career from zero to become the world best motivator by using NLP.

Anthony Robbins, Motivational Speaker, World’s #1 Success Coach, Best-Selling Author of "Awaken The Giant Within"

NLP does offer the potential for making changes without the usual agony that accompanies these phenomena…Thus it affords the opportunity to gain flexibility, creativity, and greater freedom of action than most of us now know.

Training and Development Journal
Jack Canfield, Co-Author of Chicken Soup for The Soul and The Success Principles

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful system of thinking that can accelerate the achievement of your personal and professional goals (The Success Principles, p448).

Jack Canfield, Co-Author of Chicken Soup for The Soul and The Success Principles

NLP can be applied in many more practical ways, including business leadership, coaching, sales and marketing, research, education, relationships, parenting, sports, etc.

The key reasons are: NLP provides a practical, result-driven and highly effective set of psychological and performance tools for: motivation, empowerment, goal-setting, achieving success, emotional intelligence, emotional mastery, mastering fear, mastering communication, critical thinking, personal productivity, peak performances, modeling successful people and leaders, and many other areas, that require a change in thinking, mindset, and behavior.

Actualizing Your Highest Self, Potentials, and Excellence.

Neuro-Semantics™ – The New Development in NLP

Why Neuro-Semantics™? What is Neuro-Semantics™?

Over 20-years (since the mid-1990s), based on the initial discoveries of NLP, Neuro-Semantics™ takes NLP and General Semantics further and deeper, by extending, expanding and enriching its existing models, newer developing models such as Meta-States™, Self-Actualization Psychology™, Matrix Model™, Axis of Change Model™, etc.

Neuro-Semantics™ is about how to unleash your highest and best potentials, aligning with your ultimate purpose and vision of your life, and becoming all the best you can be.

Neuro-Semantics™ is about performing our highest and best meaning, so we can translate our highest vision from the inside-out to contribute to the external world.

Neuro-Semantics™ is about adding richer and more robust meanings to our performance.

Neuro-Semantics™ is about  upgrading the embodied meaning we are now performing which does not enhance our lives or facilitate our resourcefulness, and transforming it to enhance our lives fully.

Dr. L. Michael Hall, PhD., Co-developer of Neuro-Semantics™, Co-founder of International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS)

Neuro-Semantics™ enables you to win the inner game so you can achieve peak performance in your outer games of everyday life.

Dr. L. Michael Hall, PhD., Co-developer of Neuro-Semantics™, Co-founder of International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS)

Neuro-Semantics™ emphasize on first apply-to-self (i.e., self-application, self-leadership, self-coaching, applying your knowledge, skills and NLP to yourself first), so that you can walk-your-talk, be congruent and personally aligned. And that’s the very foundation of leadership.

When you win the inner game (develop and align your vision, mission, values, beliefs, mindset, thoughts, goals, etc.) that guide your outer actions, behaviors and performances, you can achieve peak performance in your outer game in your every day life.

Winning The Game of Life

Using NLP to Breakthrough Any Barriers, Fears and Limitations And Create The Quality of Life You Desire.
With Measurable Results.


Realize Your Most Important Goals

This is The Official Applied NLP Practitioner Certification

Get trained in the cutting-edge system that has certified thousands of successful NLP Practitioners.

Let us walk you through the program so you can appreciate the incredible value provided.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

The Patterns of Personal Excellence +

1. 50 strategies for creating and maintaining states of personal excellence.

2. The Ultimate Success Formula. More than just SMART Goals and Action Plan. How to accomplish any goal you set.

3. Mastering Communication: The Ability to Communicate and Connect with Others at a deeper level with trust, understanding, empathy and ethically.

4. How To Achieve Anything You Want In Life.

5. The Key to Personal Power. How to regain and unleash your personal power during challenging moments and using it to your advantage to achieve success.

6. The Secret to Ultimate Peak Performance—The Psychology of Achievement. How to unleash yourself for peak performance and gaining the Fuel of Motivation for the extra-mile of success.

7. Redirecting Your Mental Focus for Optimal Results. How to utilize your innate mental power for effectively and maximize your efficiency at any task and accomplish more in less time.

8. How to easily switch ‘on’ and ‘off’ your brain’s potential anytime and bring it anywhere you go.

9. Emotional Mastery—Take Immediate Control of your Emotional Well-Being. The Key to Your Mindset, Thoughts, Decision, and Behavioral Patterns and why you continue sabotage your success even though you say you want to be successful. Use it correctly, and your success awaits!

10. 2 powerful controlling forces that shapes your life.

11. Why so few people produce exceptional results and why are this actually to your advantage!

12. Learn why you cannot succeed even though you have the same mental resources needed. And what you need to change to ensure success comes your way in life.

13. Values—Your Hidden Driving Force, and Beliefs—The Foundation That Supports Your Values. What your beliefs and values have to do with your ability to succeed in life.

14. Strategy and Modeling. How you can model the strategy of top performers and successful people, their mindset, beliefs, values, and strategies.

15. Gaining The Competitive Edge. Why you cannot succeed given that you have the same resources needed. And what you need to change to ensure success comes your way in life.

16. Coaching—Bringing Out The Best In People. Discover how coaching is the new paradigm of leadership and management to motivate, empower, inspire and transform others for higher level performance and achievement.

17. And many more…

The Ultimate Success Formula—The Key to Achieving Any Results You Want in Life! +

1. Beyond S.M.A.R.T. Goal-Setting—Plan For Your Mission to Success. Developing and crafting your comprehensive Winning Plan to drive your Mission Success. Learn how to plan ahead, setting specific goals that are measurable, define your mission success. Accomplish what matters to you most!

2. Strategic Planning—Always Be Thinking Ahead of Others! This is Very Critical in our ever-changing dynamic world. Learn strategies of how you can plan ahead and prepare for a new situation that has not yet been identified.

3. How to Prioritize Long-Term Over Short-Term Goals. Why it is important and how it impacts your long-term performance and success. Winning (Success) is not just for ‘one time’, it has to be SUSTAINABLE.

4. It Takes Strategy & Tactics To Get There! Every goal is possible and achievable; it’s the matter of the STRATEGY and TACTICS you use. Learn how you can develop an effective strategy and execute it with maximum impact.

5. Dealing with Failure, Setbacks, and Disappointment. Top 5 ways highly effective and successful people deal with failure, setbacks and disappointment and how you can overcome them effectively.

6. Turning Failure into Feedback. Don’t let failure paralyze you! Learn how you can transform those failures into valuable feedback, transform frustration and disappointment into personal power and learning opportunities.

7. When You Can’t Get from A to B, Go to C. Why you need gain the ability to constantly change your strategy and do whatever it takes to get the results you want.

8. And many more…

The Secret to Communication Mastery—How To Effectively Communicate, Persuade and Influence Others with Trust and Integrity +

1. 7 Key Distinctions of Masterful Communication to Lead and Influence People.

2. 8 Principles of Highly Effective Communication.

3. The Secret of Flexible Communication. How to use flexible communication skills to connect with more people with NLP.

4. The Secret Ingredient of Communication: Trust. Top 7 ways to create trust, instant rapport, and connect with people at a deeper level.

5. Build Great Relationships. 6 specific things you can do to build great relationships with any person, even with difficult people.

6. The Communication of Non-Verbal Language—Using It Wisely With Positive Impact. How to magically use Non-Verbal Language to create irresistible influence, trust and empowerment.

7. The Untold Secret of Voice. How to use your voice to make powerful connection and influence at a deeper unconscious level.

8. The Power of Language—And How You Can Use It for Conversational Change. Discover how language controls and influence the quality of how you think, feel, behave, making decisions, and ultimately your results in life.

9. Words That Change Minds. 10 effective ways to influence others by just changing the words you use and how you say them.

10. Magical Words that Empowers You. Top 5 Magical Words that enrich your communication in life.

11. The Language of Specificity and Precision—Powerful Questions That Ultimately Transform Your Life and Others. The quality of answers you demand depends on the quality of your questions. Learn how you can ask powerful and quality questions using The Precision Language of NLP Meta-Model.

12. The Secret Language of Persuasion and Influence Using The NLP Hypnotic Language Pattern. One of the critical success factor to lead and influence others (ethically) to the direction you want towards positive outcome, with impact.

13. Mediate and Negotiate. Learn effectively mediate and negotiate with anyone with reduced friction.

14. Communicate With Credibility and Integrity. Learn how to communicate with more credibility and integrity while remaining approachable.

15. Personal Power—The Ability to Express Your Thoughts, Feelings and Opinion. Learn the skills of how to present and express yourself more clearly and better persuade others to see your point of view.

16. The Power of Active Listening—Listening to Clues In Others’ Language. How to greatly improve your ability to listen as others speak and how you can speak so others will listen to you at the unconscious level.

17. Giving Effective Feedback—The Pathway for Continuous and Never Ending Improvement. Truly understand how to give effective feedback that people will accept, appreciate, and make necessary change, modification, adjustment and improvement.

18. And many more…

How To Achieve Anything You Want +

1. Even IF Everybody Has The Success Formula, Not Everyone Will Succeed. Discover why many people desire to be successful but very few ever become successful. You’ll learn how to be the very few.

2. Raising The Bar, Raise Your Standards. How to raise your personal standards to inspire yourself, empower yourself, challenge yourself, with achievement and fulfillment.

3. The Power of Dissatisfaction. How to turn your dissatisfaction and frustration into power and reach new standards of performance.

4. Transforming Negative Emotions to Empowering Yourself. How to utilize your negative emotions and turn them into empowering ones.

5. The Ultimate Personal Breakthrough. How to breakthrough your fears, limitations, personal barriers and comfort zone.

6. And many more…

The Key to Absolute Personal Power—Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical Destiny +

1. Take Control of Your Personal Power. Discover how to take immediate control of your Personal Power to change your circumstances, no matter how terrible it may seem to you, and take change of your life.

2. Protect Your Personal Power. Understand how Personal Power can be taken away from your hands and what you can do to Get It Back!

3. Mistakes to Avoid in Losing Your Personal Power. The 3 Critical Mistakes you can make that will lose your power forever and how to avoid making these mistakes now.

4. Why People Fall into the Same Trap Over Again, and How You Can Avoid It. Understand why people allow themselves to be victims, depressed, powerless, how that traps them to a life of regret and unrealized potential, and how you can avoid falling into that same trap again and again.

5. Response and Feedback—Your Important Measure Towards Achieving Success. How to get the response and feedback you want in any personal or business situation, anytime you want, regardless of how difficult you think it is.

6. The Power of Responsibility and Accountability. Why taking absolute responsibility and accountability gives you absolute personal power to shape your life any way you want it.

The Secret to Ultimate Peak Performance—The Mental Fitness and Fuel of Motivation For The Extra-Mile +

1. Winning Your Inner Game to Winning Your Outer Game. Before you start to accomplish or achieving your goal or winning your outer game, first you must Win Your-Inner-Game (having a success mindset, winning attitude, success thinking, habit, behaviors, so you can make better choice, judgment, decisions and get exceptional results.

2. The 8 Critical Important Driving Forces that Shape Your Life. The driving force that produces the exceptional results in your life.

3. Procrastination No More. Understand why procrastination or negative state you have happens and how you can breakout these negative states immediately!

4. Unstoppable Confidence and Empowerment. How you can create unstoppable confidence and any other empowering state instantly.

5. Strategies and Modeling—The Core Skill in Peak Performance. How you can model the Success Strategies and Blueprint of highly effective and successful people and achieve the same results for yourself.

6. The Power of Focus. Discover the Power of Focus and how you should concentrate your energy on what you want, instead of what you don’t want.

7. Unleashing Your Inner Power. How to harness you inner power and how to start using it in every area of your life.

8. And many more…

Redirecting Your Brain for Optimal Results +

1. Focus, Emotions, and Its Relationships. The key reasons why what you focus on affect your emotional states and ultimately your results in life.

2. The Power of Focus—Developing Your Laser-Beam Focus for Success. How to immediately direct your focus towards your ultimate vision and goals that will bring you the success you deserve in life.

3. Things to Avoid Focus On. What you must definitely avoid focusing on if you truly want to become successful.

4. Things to Focus On. What you must focus on when you encounter difficulties, when you don’t achieve your outcomes, when you face challenging moments, so that you can come out on top!

5. Submodalities—The Coding of Your Brain. What are Submodalities and how they influence your brain.

6. Submodalities for Breaking Through Negative Experiences. How you can use submodalities to de-intensify your past negative experiences that help you breakthrough them easily.

7. Submodalities for Empowering Emotional State. 35 ways of how you can utilize your Submodalities to intensify any empowering emotional state immediately.

8. 5 most powerful ways to kick-start you into taking massive actions to achieve results right now.

9. The Power of Visualization—Strategies for Effective and Impactful Visualization. There are many ways, but there is a proven and more effective way in NLP that produces consistent results. How to use the powerful visualization strategies to achieve your goals faster.

10. And many more…

Anchoring—The Key to Emotional Mastery +

1. Anchors and How It Affect Your Life. What are anchors and how they are neurologically associate with your negative and positive emotional states you feel in life.

2. The Power of Anchoring—Gain Control Over Your Emotions. Collapse and get rid of any negative emotions you have (frustration, anger, frustration, phobia, fear, anxiety, self-doubt, disappointment, regret, loneliness, etc.) and replace them with empowering emotions (patience, calm, focus, joyfulness, confidence, certainty, abundance, appreciativeness, energetic, motivated, etc.) that better serve you towards your goals.

3. 5 Types Of Powerful Anchors. How to easily and quickly transform negative emotions into positive empowering emotions instantly, at will, and make the empowering state last.

4. How To Get Motivated And Stay Motivated. Motivation is not about one time thing, it’s all the time. Same goes for winning.

5. Getting Into Peak Performance State Anytime Anywhere. How to get into your peak state instantly and make it stay longer.

6. Important Keys To Making Anchors Work Effectively. 4 critical keys to make your anchors work effectively. (Screw this up and your anchors won’t work!)

7. Steps for Powerful Anchors. 4 simple steps you can take right now to immediately create powerful anchors for yourself for confidence, motivation or any empowering state you demand.

8. Spreading the Anchor to Empower Others. How to create powerful positive anchors to empower others around you.

9. And many more…

The Transformation of Meaning +

1. The Power of Meaning. How meaning affects your life, and what you can do about it.

2. The Powerful Downside of Meaning. How negative, disempowering, and toxic meaning can sabotage your life and others.

3. The Powerful Positive side of Meaning. How positive, empowering meaning can enhance the quality of your life and others.

4. Using Positive Empowering Meaning. How you can take any unfortunate event in life and transform it into one of the most empowering catalyst for your success.

5. Transforming Meaning. The secret formula to how you can transform your experience and other people’s bad experiences and align their frame of mind towards the bright side and excellence.

6. Transforming Meaning in Business. How you can use this powerful technique in all your business deals, sales presentations and overcome objections.

7. And many more…

Values—Your Hidden Driving Force +

1. The Power of Values. How values are important in determine the quality of your life.

2. Redefining Your Most Important Values. Discover what your most important values are and how they drive your motivations, decisions, choices, behaviors and actions in life.

3. Values, Behaviors, and Actions. Why two people can have the exact same values but still behave differently and have very different results in life.

4. Values and Your Goals. How and why you must specifically define your values if you want to move towards achieving your goals.

5. Values: The Power to Empower and Inspire. Understand how values motivate people, inspires people, and triggers people.

6. And many more…

The Power of Beliefs—And How To Use It To Your Advantage +

1. Beliefs and Its Importance to You. How our beliefs affect our well-being and how you can use this to empower you.

2. The Quality of Your Beliefs Guide Your Performance. How your beliefs influence your mindset, thoughts, behaviors, decisions, and thus your performance in everyday life.

3. Disempowering Beliefs and Its Effect. How to eliminate lousy and disempowering beliefs (I’m not good/smart/intelligent/tall enough; It’s too hard/challenging/impossible/can never be…) that disempowering you, sabotaging you, holding you back and do not serve you in achieving your goals.

4. Empowering Beliefs and Its Possibilities. How to instill empowering beliefs (I don’t know how to do it YET, but I know how-to/where-to/whom-to…find resources/help/guidance/advice in moving towards my goals; It’s possible; I believe/have faith/trust myself, my capabilities, my skills, … ,etc.) that you can use right now to propel you towards your goals.

5. And many more…

Modeling and Strategies—How to Replicate Someone’s Success Strategies & Blueprint +

1. The Power of Modeling: Compress Decades Into Years. How to compress Decades into Years of expertise of highly effective and successful people, and save all those unnecessary time, frustration, energy, and other hidden cost, instead of reinventing the wheel.

2. Modeling The Secret Ingredient & Formula of Success. How to replicate the Success Strategies of highly effective and successful people and create the exact same results.

3. Modeling for Breakthrough Success. How you can model the Success Blueprint of others to achieve breakthrough results in life.

4. Strategies and Yourself. Discover your personal mental strategies and how they influence your mindset, thinking, behaviors, decisions and ultimately your results in life.

5. Re-Engineering Your Strategies for Maximizing Your Success. Get rid and change your ineffective strategies that are holding you back and how you can move forward faster towards success by redesign brand new strategy that empowers you or using other alternative effective, proven strategies of others.

6. Strategies for Success. The top 10 critical keys in developing success strategies and how to effectively use them to propel you towards massive success. (Missed the important ingredient and your strategy won’t work.)

7. NLP Strategies for Transformation. How to quickly change limiting perceptions, beliefs and mindset.

8. And many more…

Coaching—The Influential Tool in Bringing Out The Best In People +

1. NLP Advance Communication Model. Learn the advanced communication model for razor sharp communication

2. Peak Performance Strategies. The NLP tools and strategies to produce peak performance and motivation state in yourself and others.

3. NLP Persuasion and influencing skills for leading yourself and others to achieve personal goals.

4. Listening—The Untold Power of Silent. Leading edge listening skills of hearing what is not being said.

5. The Secret of Questioning Using NLP. The powerful NLP questioning model and strategies that create the moment of transformation

6. The Power of Feedback. How to accelerate performance with critical yet approachable, effective and transformational feedback skills.

7. The Difference that Makes the Difference. Specific methodologies and processes that are proven to get great sustainable results.

8. And many more…

Integrating Your NLP Knowledge for Practical Application In Your Life +

1. Your Personal Success Breakthrough. Breaking through your deepest fear, challenges, obstacles, barriers and limitations that have been holding you back from success while unleashing your potential towards your ultimate vision of achievement and fulfillment.

2. Your Professional Success. When you have successfully breakthrough all the fears, challenges, obstacles, and limitations, you’re well-ready to take your performance in work to the next level. Here’s when you apply all your learning in NLP, your knowledge, skills, capabilities, and potentials into your work to reaching new heights of personal and professional success.

3. Your Economics and Finances. When you apply all your knowledge and skills, and ultimately CREATE VALUE for your employer, your business, your clients, and even to the society, your financial benefits will come to you automatically. Remember, always be giving others Value, first.

4. Your Relationships with Family, Business and Others. It’s important for you to build trust, having the integrity and ethics in everything you do, be it personally or professionally. Success without trust, integrity and ethics are not sustainable. Also, you want to make sure that you’ll still have great relationships and connections with others even after you succeed.

5. Your Education and Learning. The world and economy keep changing, rapidly. You want to ensure that you achievement is sustainable. Therefore, constantly learning and never-ending improvement are very critical in sustaining your knowledge, skills, and information to maintain your sharpness and your competitive edge.

6. Your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health. Getting The Balance. Your physical health is the ability to maintain a healthy quality of life, the energy, the vitality to get through your daily activities without undue fatigue or physical stress. Whereas your emotional health ensures you to cope up with life challenges while having the love, joy, happiness and fulfillment in a productive manner. And your spiritual health, the peace, harmony, congruency and alignment between your ultimate vision, values in life, your beliefs, your achievements, etc.

7. In learning NLP, you’ll understand the human psychology, what drives people motivation, behavior and decisions. Also, you’ll learn the practical skills of influencing others ethically in driving them towards the ultimate goal.

8. You’ll learn the Secret of Persuasion and Influence using NLP strategies, profiling people by understanding their style of behaviors, NLP’s hypnotic language pattern to influence others ethically.

9. And many more…

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  • You are someone who is stuck in procrastination, poor habits, limiting beliefs, self-destructive behaviors, have yet to discover your purpose in life, unclear goals, demotivated, always at the low-side of your life, feeling lost, directionless, confused about life, lack of motivation to do whatever it takes, inability to focus…
  • You already know that somewhere inside you there is hunger to not settle for less than you know you're capable of. Your passion, your drive for success.
  • You are someone who is always looking for the cutting edge tools to make a difference in your live. Someone who demands an extraordinary life where you are free to do, be, share, and create anything you want and your mindset is not just about yourself, but also how to contribute in a significant way...
  • You want a step-by-step action plan to creating a total breakthrough and successful transformation, fast.
  • You want to train with the most highly respected names in the world of NLP.
  • For Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Professionals, Educators, Students, Parents, someone who feel frustrated, stuck, feeling dissatisfied in their current circumstances, wanting to get back up, get better, making a change, transform, taking your personal and professional life to the next level.
  • You are not willing to settle for less and want to achieve the ultimate vision of your life, career, finances, health, relationships, and business.
  • You want to take your life to the next level and create extraordinary quality of life today.

Your NLP Training Partner

NLP Master Trainer, Licensed Neuro-Semantics™ & Self-Actualization Psychology™ Trainer, Success Coach

CY Soh

CY Soh NLP Trainer NLP Practitioner Training for Success in Neuro-Semantics Malaysia

CY Soh, NLP Master Trainer, Neuro-Semantics™ &Self-Actualization Psychology™ Trainer, Success Coach

CY helps individuals, teams and organizations breakthrough limitations, obstacles, challenges and fears that have been holding them back from growth and success. He
helps them unleash their greatest potential and inner power within them, and realize their most important goals, with remarkable, lasting results.

As early as at age 21, he becomes the Youngest Licensed NLP, Neuro-Semantics™ & Self-Actualization Psychology™ Trainer in Asia, certified and recognized by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS), Colorado, USA. He’s also the Youngest Certified NLP Master Trainer in Asia, certified by the NLP University (NLPU), California, USA.

With solid background in Finance & Investment, NLP, Neuro-Semantics™, Coaching, Self-Actualization Psychology™, CY has a burning desire and passionate to help
individuals and organizations grow faster, better, and smarter. Also, he train, mentor and coaches them to maximize their potential in life, personally and professionally.

Because of his early young age in learning NLP, he thinks differently, he applies NLP in a nontraditional manner, and using unconventional approach to solve problems. That differentiates him from other NLP Trainers which gives him the ultimate advantage.

By taking the initiative in raising the bar and standards of NLP training, CY has spent tremendous amount of time, energy and effort in testing, experimenting, researching,
advancing, and fine-tuning, perfecting the knowledge, the skills, the techniques of NLP and coaching. Therefore, he is best known for his thoroughness, detailed, and quality of his NLP Training. And he focuses on peak performance and results.

While there are many local NLP trainers, there are only very few NLP trainers that actually specialized in NLP, Neuro-Semantics™ and Self-Actualization Psychology™.

Your Internationally Recognized NLP and Neuro-Semantics™ Certification

Achieving The Benchmark

Our Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training is an accredited NLP Certification Training and recognized internationally by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS) and the International Meta-Coach Foundation (MCF).

As this is a Competency-based NLP Certification Training program, you’re required to attend the 8-Full-Days of Training, demonstrate the required level of NLP skills competency, and pass the Practical and Written Assessments.

When you’ve successfully complete and meet the Standards and Benchmark set by CY and the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS), you’ll receive ONE (1) International Certificate issued and recognized by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS), hence recognizing you as:

Certified NLP Practitioner

NLP Certificate NLP Practitioner Training for Success in Neuro-Semantics Malaysia

Your Certified NLP Practitioner for Success and Excellence

This is a validation and recognition of your efforts and commitment in putting hours of training and practices to enhance your knowledge, skills, and competency in the NLP techniques, approaches and strategies—The commitment that improve your skills in leadership, communication, emotional mastery, and taking your performance and life to the next level.


What You'll Received in This Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training

  • Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training Manual, written & designed by Dr. L. Michael Hall, Ph.D
  • We teach deeper and more profound NLP knowledge, skills, and tools.
  • Breakfast + Tea breaks are included.
  • Certified NLP Practitioner Certification Certificate.


Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training

7, 8 (Sat & Sun)
13, 14, 15 (Fri – Sun)
20, 21, 22 (Fri – Sun)

Duration: 8-Days

Time: 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Venue: KL Seri Mas Condo (Near Viva Home Mall, Cheras) [To be determined]

Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training

4, 5 (Sat & Sun)
11, 12 (Sat & Sun)
18, 19 (Sat & Sun)
25, 26 (Sat & Sun)

Duration: 8-Days

Time: 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Venue: KL Seri Mas Condo (Near Viva Home Mall, Cheras) [To be determined]

Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training

4, 5 (Sat & Sun)
10, 11, 12 (Fri – Sun)
17, 18, 19 (Fri – Sun)

Duration: 8-Days

Time: 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Venue: YMCA Penang [To be determined]

Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training

1, 2 (Sat & Sun)
8, 9 (Sat & Sun)
15, 16 (Sat & Sun)
22, 23 (Sat & Sun)

Duration: 8-Days

Time: 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Venue: KL Seri Mas Condo (Near Viva Home Mall, Cheras) [To be determined]

As we want to ensure the quality of our participants, therefore, seats are limited.

If you’re moved to action, contact Sam by clicking here.

Or, you may email him directly at

Note: We reserve the right to deny entry into the NLP Practitioner Training. We also reserve the right to dismiss any participant who disrupts the educational flow of the training program.

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Taking Your Productivity & Performance to the Next Level.

Focus. Result. Impactful.




If you’ve ever thought about becoming a NLP Practitioner, even if you’re still skeptical, we’d like you to join Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training.


Your training investment shouldn’t be a gamble.


This Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training comes with the Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee. The reason is we don’t want anybody unhappy or regret. And we surely don’t want to misrepresent ourselves for your hard-earned money.

If after attending the first day of the training program, you don’t feel at least having added-value of what you can grow your career, your professional life, or improve the quality of your personal life, or if you are not completely satisfied, or if you don’t feel utterly convinced you got that much value on Day 1 alone. Just ask and we’ll refund your money. Simply turn in your training manual and workbook and name badge to our Customer Service Representative at the Customer Service Desk.

With this, you can feel secure and trust us. You see, we're putting our business's reputation on the line in giving you this Risk-Free Guarantee.  Our goal is to help you breakthrough your personal limitations, achieving your goals, and create the extraordinary quality of life you deserve. You have nothing to lose! There is Zero-Risk on your side, we’ll take ALL THE RISK.

We know there are other NLP programs that won’t even give you money-back guarantee at all. We’re not like that. Join us. Participate in the program for a 1-Full day, then decide.

We want to truly make sure that we provide you with excellent value, skills and knowledge that you can appreciate and practically apply in your daily lives, personally and professionally.

Because, we greatly value your trust and your confidence with us.
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These 8 Days Can Change and Transform Your Life

The breakthrough that transforms everything—from your finances, to your career, to your business, to your relationships, to your physical and emotional health—is closer than you think. All you need is within you now. Connect with the people, the passion and the environment that will make it happen!

You're hungry for something, and you won't settle for less. You won't settle for less than the life you desire and deserve and the power to be everything that you can be. Yet, the world around us isn't getting any easier, more peaceful or less challenging.

In order to change our circumstances, the only solution is for us to get better.

You can't make that change until you really know what's influencing and driving you. Your beliefs, values, needs and emotional patterns are invisible forces that determine how you live your life every day.

You can learn how to become stronger, more resourceful and more powerful than you ever thought possible.

Because of the personal attention given at this program, and the exclusive in which this program is held, the seating is limited.

Don't put off living the life of your dreams. Make your Success Mastery today!

If you read it and rejected it - - perhaps it's worth reconsidering - - at least one more time.

If you’re ready to enroll, please contact Sam at  immediately.

The competitive edge. The will to win. The drive to overcome any obstacle. Whatever you call it, winners find a way.

Until then, Stay Strong and Live with Passion!

I look forward to seeing you soon.


To your empowered, extraordinary, new life and highest success,

CY Soh
NLP Master Trainer, Licensed Neuro-Semantics™ & Self-Actualization Psychology™ Trainer
Success Coach

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Because we believe we will be successful if our clients
(you) are successful.



The Definitive Path to NLP Mastery


Continuing with our commitment to effective, fine-tuned and methodical NLP Training,
NLP Technologies' NLP Certification Training delivers measurable results at every step as participants progress from competent to proficient.

How can we help you take your success to the next level?

- Live, practical, goal-oriented and result-driven Applied NLP Training and Coaching Training Courses.

- Success Coaching Solutions for Better Performance and Greater Heights.

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