Discover How You Can Breakthrough Limitations, Obstacles, Challenges and Fears… and UNLEASH Your Potentials Towards Growth, Achievement, And Success.

Attention: Business Leaders, Managers, Executives, Sales Professionals, Marketers, Consultants, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Parents ... 

For people who would not willing to settle for less and want to achieve the ultimate vision of your life, career, finances, health, relationships, and business


The Applied NLP Practitioner Certification is a 8 days LIVE event designed to help you unlock and unleash the forces inside that can help you break through any limit. You will decide and create your own life-changing experience. Learn how you can surpass your own limitations to achieve your goals and take control of your life. Connect with your ultimate purpose and re-ignite your passion to achieve the ultimate vision of your life, career, finances, health and relationships. You will gain a clear and deep understanding of what truly motivates you; thoughts, feelings and behaviors and build toward your own personal breakthrough.

The Top 6 Mastery Skills You'll Learn in This Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training Malaysia

When learning something new, having the right start in the best possible way is the most important step. We believe that the way you begin to explore and experience the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), the coaching and mentoring you receive and the people who will be your classmates, mentors and teachers, will make all the difference in the world as to how quickly, easily and efficiently you progress in your personal and professional NLP training and evolution.

The NLP Technologies Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training Program is designed to provide you with essential knowledge, skills and practical applications to become an effective practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Through experiential exercises, you will discover how to recognize and utilize advance language patterns, physiology and the nervous system to develop competence with fundamental NLP techniques and tools, benefiting right from the very start of your NLP training.

The Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training Program is the first serious class for everyone. If you seek the best NLP Trainer in Malaysia, you must already understand, this fully comprehensive, intensive NLP Training program empowers transformative personal evolution.

CY Soh, Certified NLP Master Trainer (NLP University), Licensed Neuro-Semantics Trainer (ISNS)

Change is complicated. NLP makes it easy.
Transformation takes time. NLP makes it fast.

NLP – The New Technology of Achievement

What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the cutting-edge technology of Achievement & Excellence.

NLP is also commonly known as the User's Manual for The Brain.

For over 40-years, since the mid-1970s, NLP has helped millions of lives create positive change and transformative breakthroughs.

NLP has developed a set of powerful tools, techniques, strategies and models that are extensively applied across a wide variety of areas such as business, leadership development and management, performance improvement, persuasion and influence, coaching, sales and marketing, emotional intelligence, research, education and learning, relationships, parenting, sports, health, therapy, personal development and self-improvement. NLP is an intelligent way of thinking about complex situations and enables people to be more successful at everything.

NLP makes positive transformation and behavioral change fast and easy.
TIME Magazine

NLP has untapped potential for treating individual problems and has become an all-purpose self-improvement program and technology.

TIME Magazine
International Journal of Training and Development

NLP does offer the potential for making changes without the usual agony that accompanies these phenomena… Thus it affords the opportunity to gain flexibility, creativity, and greater freedom of action than most of us now know.

International Journal of Training and Development

There are many area of applications in NLP you can immediately benefit right from the very start of your NLP Training

NLP Training Malaysia - Business (small)
NLP Training Malaysia - Sales & Marketing (small)
Sales & Marketing
NLP Training Malaysia - Coaching (small)
Coaching for High Performance
NLP Training Malaysia - Business (small)
Leadership Development
NLP Training Malaysia - Motivation & Empowerment (small)
Motivation & Empowerment
NLP Training Malaysia - Personal Development 3 (small)
Personal Development & Self-Improvement
NLP Training Malaysia - Behavioral change 2 (small)
Behavioral Change
NLP Training Malaysia - Communication 2 (small)
Communication: Presentation, Persuasion & Influence
NLP Training Malaysia - Relationship 2 (small)
Love & Relationships
NLP Training Malaysia - Education (small)
NLP Training Malaysia - Psychotherapy (small)
NLP Training Malaysia - Parenting 2 (small)
NLP Training Malaysia - Sports 2 (small)

Actualizing Your Highest Self, Potentials, and Excellence.

Neuro-Semantics™ – The Latest Development in NLP

As there’re new and significant developments in NLP, we realized that many NLP Trainers (not only just in Malaysia) did not to keep up with the latest NLP updates and developments.

You want to choose the latest model of Apple iPhone or Samsung, because it’s faster, better, and smarter, right? And you would also constantly update your Apps in your smartphone, because there are some bug fixes, enhanced in speed and performance in your Apps, new features, and more!

Use the Latest User's Manual for the Brain

If you search around NLP Training Providers in Malaysia, you’ll find that many are still teaching the old syllabus, traditional NLP models and strategies. “Strategies that worked in the past, may not work well again in the future.” Because time change. Technologies change. And as time changes, some of the traditional NLP models and strategies may not work as effectively and efficiently as it was.

You’ll discover that we are the ONLY few NLP Training Provider in Malaysia, that has already advances NLP to the latest development in NLP – Neuro-Semantics™.

What is Neuro-Semantics (NS)?

Based on the initial discoveries of NLP, by extending, expanding and enriching NLP existing models, Neuro-Semantics takes NLP further and deeper.

Neuro-Semantics (NS) is the latest development and behavioral change technology in the NLP world. It has many further advanced NLP models that are faster and more effective in creating longer-lasting transformative and positive change, personal empowerment, and personal evolution.

Neuro-Semantics™ is about unleashing your highest potentials and best meaning, aligning with your ultimate purpose and vision of your life, and becoming all the best you can be. By adding richer and more robust meanings in what we do, we can then transform our highest vision into peak performance.

Neuro-Semantics™ emphasizes on first apply-to-self (i.e., self-application, self-leadership, self-coaching, applying your knowledge, skills and NLP to yourself first), so that you can walk-your-talk, be congruent and personally aligned. And that’s the very foundation of leadership.

Together, both Neuro-Semantics and NLP provide you a synergistic, powerful and practical approach for lasting positive change and personal transformation.

Get trained in the cutting-edge system that has helped many create positive change and transformative breakthroughs.

Here Are Some Of The Top Advantages You’ll Gain From This Comprehensive Unique Training

In Just 5 Days, We'll Cover Every Single Aspect of Personal and Professional Fulfillment in Your Life

Of course, you won't just learn these life-changing breakthrough NLP techniques, you'll experience them during the training and apply them immediately to your life, transforming yourself for ultimate success.


The Key to Achieve Any Results You Want in Life!

  1. The NLP Advanced Goal-Setting Strategy. Crafting your Strategy and Winning Plan to drive your mission success.
  2. Aligning Your Goals in a way that allows you to live an abundant life of meaning and fulfillment.
  3. Turning Failure into Feedback. Handle mistakes and embrace failure in a more positive way
  4. Create Your Personal Breakthrough. How to breakthrough your obstacles, challenges, limitations, barriers and break-free your comfort zone.
  5. Pure Energy and Focus. How to redirect your focus and energy to reach your goals and dreams.
  6. Winning The Game of Life. Learn the psychology of winning and the psychology of achievement.
  7. NLP Modeling. Model and replicate the Mindset, Psychology, Success Strategies and Blueprint of highly effective top performers and successful people and achieve the same results for yourself.


How to Effectively Communicate, Persuade and Influence Others with Trust and Integrity.

  1. Communication that Influence and Leads. Learn how to be a Masterful Communicator that leads and influence people.
  2. The Power of Active Listening: Listening what is told, and what is untold.
  3. Create instant rapport, trust and connect with people at a deeper level…even with difficult people!
  4. Figuring Out People: How to flex your communication with different styles and personality of people.
  5. NLP Hypnotic Language Patterns: The Secret of Persuasion and Influence. How to covertly and ethically persuade and influence others using the NLP renowned hypnotic language patterns.
  6. NLP Meta Model: Learn how to use Powerful Questions that gets quality answers you want and influence others towards positive outcome while remaining approachable.
  7. The Power of Language: Using language to empower yourself and others. Language has the power to control the quality of how you think, feel, behave, decisions and ultimately your results in life.


The Key to Absolute Personal Power—Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical Destiny!

  1. Take Immediate Control of Your Personal Power. Effective strategies to get back your Personal Power.
  2. Unleash The Power Within for maximum achievement.
  3. Winning Your Inner Game to win your outer game.
  4. Condition Yourself For Success. Powerful steps to condition yourself to have a growth mindset, winning attitude, positive thinking, empowering behaviors so you can make better choice, judgment, decisions and get exceptional results.
  5. 2 Motivational Driving Forces! Understand the 2 driving forces that shape your life.
  6. Create unstoppable confidence and empowerment. Learn how to anchor yourself for instant confidence anywhere and anytime you just need it!
  7. Overcoming procrastination! Reprogram your mind to take immediate action!
  8. How to Take Extreme Ownership and Responsibility of your life and shape your life the way you want it.
  9. No Excuse! I’m Doing It. Powerful steps to get rid of empty shell and lame excuses.


Master Your Emotions, Master Your Life!

  1. Reclaiming Your Identity! Be the person you truly want to be, Yourself!
  2. Master your mind, emotions, and behavior! Change difficult habits and behavior fast!
  3. Set yourself free from any negative disempowering emotions quickly and easily (anger, frustration, phobia, fear, self-doubt and other troubling emotions) and let go of those emotional burdens.
  4. Empower yourself to be confident, happy, energetic, motivated, focus that better serve you towards your goals.
  5. Harness the Psychology of Peak Performance. Getting into peak performance. How to get motivated and stay motivated.
  6. Stress Management: Manage stress effectively for greater relaxation and resourcefulness.
  7. Turn negativity into positive energy that empower yourself and others around you.
  8. Overcome your anxiety, stress and fears by taking charge of your mind, emotions, and body.


Master Your Mind, Master You Results.

  1. The Secret Code Of Your Brain – Submodalities, Values, Beliefs and More. Learn to reprogram, recondition, and redirect your brain for optimal results.
  2. Re-Engineering Your Mindset, Thinking and Behavior for maximum achievement.
  3. The Strategy for Effective Visualization. Use powerful visualization strategies to achieve your goals.
  4. The Power of Focus: Developing Your Laser-Beam Focus for Success.
  5. The Power of Meaning: Discover how to have everything you do feel meaningful and worthwhile. Learn how to develop positive empowering meaning in your life, work, business, and relationships.
  6. The Power of Beliefs: The Foundation of Your Behavior and Actions. How to remove lousy and disempowering beliefs that don’t serve you well, and Install empowering beliefs that propel you towards your goals.
  7. The Power of Values: Your Hidden Driving Force. Discover your most important values in life, redefine and realign them so that they’re in harmony with your beliefs system and goals.


Practical Applications and Integrating NLP in Every Area of Your Life

  1. Your Life and Personal Success. Every success and achievement, it first begins with mastering ourselves. Mastering our mind, body, emotions. Breakthrough any obstacles and challenges that have been holding you back from success and unleashing your potential towards your ultimate vision of achievement and fulfillment.
  2. Your Career and Professional Success. Once you master yourself, you’re well ready to take your work performance to the next level. Productivity, growth, creating value with others by being able to communicate effectively, present and sell across your ideas, being able to collaborate and working well with others, leading your group and team to reaching new heights of achievement.
  3. Your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health. Rejuvenate your soul, and take time to reclaim yourself and build up your physical body and energy. Now is the time. What’s more important than your health? Your energy? Your Finances? It’s about taking control of your body, your emotions, your relationship, our finances and your life.
  4. Your Relationships with Family, Business and Others. Success is not created alone. It’s with people. It’s important for you to build trust, having the integrity and ethics in everything you do, be it personally or professionally. Without those, success is not sustainable. Also, you want to still make sure that you have great relationships and connections with others even after you succeed.
  5. Your Leadership and Business. In learning NLP, you’ll understand the human psychology, people with different styles and personality, what drives people’s motivation, behavior and decisions. You’ll harness the practical skills of leading and influencing others ethically in driving them together towards the greater vision and ultimate goal. Imagine being capable to step into any situation and make a real difference in the quality of not only your life, but the lives of others. In times of uncertainty, crisis and change, the world needs skilled leaders like never before.

Just by shifting your Thinking and Focus,
your performance and personal success can quickly advance upward and forward
at a rapid rate.

CY Soh
Founder of NLP Technologies Malaysia

Winning The Game of Life

Now, It Is Time For You To Create Positive Change and Get Real Results.

Realize Your Most Important Goals

You’ll walk out of these 8 Days feeling empowered, laser-focused, bursting with confidence,
armed with a proven step-by-step system of success
, and supported by a new family of like-minded people to cheer you on.

Now that you’ve see for yourself the many benefits of NLP.

IMAGINE how you can really apply NLP to benefit every area of your life to be a highly effective communicator, an influential leader, the Master of your mind, thinking, emotions, and behaviors, to grow as a better person and many other advantages to unleash your potentials and achieve the goals, success and vision you dream for.

Give Yourself The Best. Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training is the program to raise your performance, positively transform your life and take it to the next level.


  • You want to have better clarity of your life goals, able to have focus and channel your energy on your dreams and goals. You want to have a positive change in your mindset, thinking, behavior and improvement in every area of your life…because you know you deserve more.
  • You want a step-by-step action plan to creating a Positive Change and Personal Transformation.
  • You are not willing to settle for less and want to achieve the ultimate vision of your life, career, finances, health, relationships, and business.
  • You are a Business Leader, Entrepreneur, Executive, Sales Professional, Marketer, Consultant, Educator, Parent, Student, or someone who desires to take your personal and professional life to the next level….

Your NLP Training Partner

CY Soh — Certified NLP Master Trainer, Licensed Neuro-Semantics™ Trainer, Success Coach

CY is the Founder of NLP Technologies Malaysia. He helps individuals, teams and organizations breakthrough limitations, obstacles, and challenges that have been holding them back from growth and success. He helps them make lasting improvement in their performance and productivity, while creating lasting change in mindset and behaviors. He helps them achieve their most important goals and get Real Results.

Coming from a background in Finance, Investment & Trading, with interdisciplinary studies in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neuro-Semantics, Philosophy, Humanistic & Positive Psychology, Cognitive Psychology and Hypnotherapy. As early as at age 21, he becomes the Youngest Licensed Trainer of NLP & Neuro-Semantics™ in Malaysia (2012), certified and recognized by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS), Colorado, USA. He’s also the Youngest Certified NLP Master Trainer in Malaysia (2016), at age 25, certified by the NLP University (NLPU), California, USA.

By taking the initiative and leadership in raising the bar and standards of NLP training, CY has spent tremendous amount of time, energy and effort in testing, experimenting, researching, advancing, and fine-tuning, perfecting the knowledge, the skills, the techniques of NLP and coaching. Therefore, he is best known for his thoroughness, detailed, and exceptional quality of his down-to-earth NLP Training. He specializes in behavioral change technologies, peak performance and performance improvement.

**While there are many local NLP trainers, there are only very few NLP trainers that actually specialized in financial investment & trading, Neuro-Semantics™ and Self-Actualization Psychology™.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Join Us As We Begin Your Transformation and Personal Evolution Journey... To Create A Positive Change and Success!

Great! You've now already learnt What is NLP, What is Neuro-Semantics, The Benefits of NLP you can immediately apply in every aspect in your everyday life, the 6 Mastery Skills (Success & Goal Mastery, Communication Mastery, Personal Mastery, Emotional Mastery, Mind Mastery, Life Mastery) you'll learn and experience in this "Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training", and a brief introduction about my experiences and professional background...

There’s no question that the “Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training” is an outstanding value. In fact, many people reported that they wish they had learnt about NLP SOONER!

Why? Because, it saves them the troubles and frustrations of failure, achieve goals and more success than they’ve been in years! As you may already recognized, NLP is The Technology of Achievement & Excellence!

But Wait! There's More...

Before I tell you how you can get your hands on this amazing breakthrough in this NLP Technologies of Achievement – let me tell you about a SPECIAL BONUS I’ve reserved for you. It’s a special gift that I promise will help you Accelerate Your Performance and Achieve Your Goals – SOONER!

On top of having the 8 Days training and learning the most advanced cutting edge NLP Technologies of Achievement available today, what's more, after you've enrolled in this "Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training Program", you will also be receiving the following BONUS for FREE!


Unlimited Refresh on our Applied NLP Practitioner Training. Free, For Life.

How Much is the NLP Training Total Breakthrough
Worth to You?

It’s impossible to put a dollar value on the knowledge, skills, competencies, and strategies you’ll receive as a Certified NLP Practitioner – Success & Goals Mastery, Communication Mastery, Emotional Mastery, Personal Mastery, Mind Mastery, Life Mastery and more even the Insights, Breakthroughs you can gain directly from mentorship and coaching from your NLP Master Trainer and classmates.

If one were to try, I suspect the minimum value of learning the Technology of Achievement could be in the neighborhood of RM10,000 or more, based on solely what I’ve listed above. But I can also tell you through experience that it doesn’t have to take years to make a positive change in your mindset, thinking, habits, behaviors.

That's right ... With NLP, change can be instant, if done right with a systematic Steps and proven Strategies.

And of course, very few NLP Trainers in Malaysia can provide you with all the additional NLP Behavioral Change, Performance Improvement and Personal Breakthrough benefits The NLP Technologies Malaysia can – like Success Coaching, mentoring, the Latest Development in NLP – Neuro-Semantics™, Practical Applications of NLP and more…

8-Days Applied NLP Practitioner Certification
RM4690USUALLY: RM6,999 (33% Savings)
  • 8-Days Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training.
  • Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training Manual, worth USD69.
  • Unlimited Refresh Applied NLP Practitioner Training (Free, For Life.)
  • Breakfast + Tea breaks are included.
  • International Certified NLP Practitioner Certificate.

Payment Method 1: Cash Transfer or Cheque

Payment Method 2: Credit Card*

*Additional Paypal service charge fee.

Honestly speaking, instead of thinking about cost, you should be thinking INVESTMENT!

That's right... Education cost money, but lack of education cost more! Hidden cost such as missing out opportunities, low productivity, low performance, increase in competition, wastage of unnecessary time and energy ... could cost you greatly! These intangibles are INVALUABLE and PRICELESS. Not to mention if there's even compounding effect on your long-term success!

You’ve got big dreams and ambitions. Now, it’s time to start acting on them while taking your life to a whole new level.

Here are some questions I’m about to ask you:

  1. Are you where you want to be?
  2. Have you accomplished all you thought you would by now?
  3. HOW LONG do you plan to allow yourself to continually experience procrastination, disempowerment, negative emotions, limiting beliefs, living with frustration, lame excuses, losing control of your personal power, fear of failure, goals and dreams that are left-behind unachieved and seemed hard to attain, feeling demotivated, lousy and stressed out, wasting Valuable time and energy running the Rat Race of failure using ineffective mindset and strategies…
  4. WHAT IF you could breakthrough your deepest fears, limitations, obstacles, barriers and challenges that have been holding you back from growth, achievement and start create massive results for getting the success you want in life?
  5. WHAT IF you could align these powerful forces, and pull yourself in the direction of your Ultimate Vision and Goals? WHAT IF you could empower yourself with Clarity that brings Focus, Joy and Fulfillment to your career, your finances, your relationships, your business and a successful life filled with Passion and Purpose?

YES, I’d like to challenge you to uplevel every single aspect of your life, career, and lifestyle, STARTING NOW.

As the legendary value investor and billionaire, Warren Buffett, once said,

“Investing in yourself is the best education you can get. Taking a continuing education class, personal development or simply spending your time improving your skills. Anything that improves your own talents; nobody can tax it or take it away from you… You can have all kinds of things happen… Become a lifelong learner and your life will be wealthier, perhaps in more ways than one. You are your own biggest asset by far.”

Don’t postpone your massive 
success by a year or more...

Sign up now and make this the turning point in your life. 
I guarantee you’ll be blown away with the results!


We'll take ALL the Risk.

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a NLP Practitioner, even if you’re still skeptical, we’d like you to join Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training.

We know you have options to choose the right NLP Practitioner Course for yourself. Here, with us, at NLP Technologies Malaysia, we provide you a Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee in this unique, comprehensive Applied NLP Practitioner Malaysia Training.

We have researched that many NLP Training Providers won’t even give you this Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee at all. We’re not like that.

If after attending the first day of the training program, you don’t feel at least having value-added of what and how you can grow your career, your professional life, or improve the quality of your personal life, or if you are not completely satisfied, or if you don’t feel utterly convinced you got that much value on Day 1 alone, we want you to go to one of our Customer Service Representatives after the end of Day 1 at the event, return your training materials and name badge, and we’ll refund 100% of your money. No questions asked and no hard feelings.

That's Right. Because, we truly want to ensure that we provide you with excellent value, skills and knowledge that immediately you can practically apply in these powerful tools in your daily life to get Real Results, personally and professionally.

You simply have nothing to lose! And everything to GAIN! There is Zero-Risk on your side, we’ll take ALL the risk.

Your Time Is Now.

Turn Your Dreams and Vision Into Action.

SEATS ARE LIMITED! As we want to ensure the high quality of our Applied NLP Practitioner Training, seats are limited to only 20 per intake.

Upon completion of the "8 Days Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training"

... and meeting all the competencies assessment, standards and requirements, you will be awarded an International Certificate from the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS), USA.

Certifying you as:

Certified Practitioner of NLP — Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NeuroSemantics - NLP Training Malaysia Success & Motivation

This shows that you have achieve the necessary Behavioral Competencies, Skills and Body of Knowledge as a NLP Practitioner. Besides, in general, this certification is internationally recognized by other NLP schools and institutes.

Make This Your First Step Towards Building A Fulfilling Life and Success.

The 8 Days That Can Positively Change and Transform Your Life

The breakthrough that transforms everything—from your finances, to your career, to your business, to your relationships, to your physical and emotional health—success is closer than you think. You have Greatness Within You. Connect with the people, the passion and the environment that will make it happen!

Your ideal future is completely within your grasp — you simply have to reach out and grab it. I want to give you the tools you need to make that happen.

If you really want to take control of your life and inject it with unprecedented amounts of clarity, confidence, and abundance — the time to act is Now. You’ll gain the ability to help yourself and others, unveil a true sense of purpose, and feel complete fulfillment.

Here’s a question for you…

If you don’t invest in yourself and take inspired action NOW to make 2017 the year you seriously up-level your life, when are you going to make it happen? 2018? 2020? 2030?

The bottom line is your ideal life won’t just magically drop into your lap if you never put in the effort, time, energy and commitment to make it happen. Do it now. Start today.

Many people just like you have experienced unique personal growth and they’re now living the life (personally and professionally) that they used to merely dream about.

Now it’s your turn.

Remember, this is an INVESTMENT not a cost.

Empowering Your Success,

CY Soh
Certified NLP Master Trainer (NLP University), Licensed Neuro-Semantics™ Trainer (ISNS)
Success Coach

P.S.: If you want to create your own Personal Breakthrough, surpass your own limitations, and learn the 6 Mastery Skills to experience a positive change in every area of your life, then this Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training is one INVESTMENT you cannot afford to miss. With the rising costs, we can't guarantee to hold this affordable rate forever. So Act Now if you want to take advantage of this offer before the rate is up.

P.P.S.: Remember, we offer you a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. We’re putting our business reputation on the line in giving you this Risk-Free Guarantee. Our mission is to help you Breakthrough to Success and achieve your most important goals. If you’re not completely satisfied and got that much value by end of Day 1 alone, just ask and we’ll refund your money. You’re protected! There is Zero-Risk on your side. We take ALL THE RISK. You simply have nothing to lose!

P.P.P.S.: There’s a saying that “Luck is what happens when Preparation meets Opportunity”. It's better to be Prepared for an opportunity, and not have one. Than to have one and not be Prepared. You want to be sure that you’re well-prepared and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills ahead before opportunity knocks. We’re here to prepare you. So that you can seize every opportunity there is, and won’t just miss the boat. Take Action and Reserve Your Spot Now!

If you still have questions, send us a message thru Email or Facebook Page Chat now.

Because we believe we will be successful if our clients
(you) are successful.

8-Days Applied NLP Practitioner Certification
RM4690USUALLY: RM6,999 (33% Savings)
  • Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training Manual, worth USD69.
  • Unlimited Refresh Applied NLP Practitioner Training (Free, For Life.)
  • Breakfast + Tea breaks are included.
  • International Certified NLP Practitioner Certificate.

Payment Method 1: Cash Transfer or Cheque

Payment Method 2: Credit Card*

*Additional Paypal service charge fee.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How does this Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training differ from other personal development seminars? +

Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training is not just another feel-good “pep rally” experience. Ever had that experience, where you leave a “seminar” feeling great but realize a few weeks later that nothing has really changed?

Well, NLP Technologies Malaysia is different. It’s a complete participatory experience… You’ll actually feel and see things change right before your very eyes. You’ll participate in very special exercises that will help you to make major shifts and life changes quickly and easily.

Those other events are helpful, as you have no doubt already learned. But to get more lasting change imbedded in your life you need to go deeper. You need to get at the core of what’s holding you back from implementing what you’ve learned.

The important difference between Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training and other events is that we simply spend more time (8 days) to remove those “stops” from your life, so you can implement, change, and transform in a way you have never experienced at other events.

Plus, while most other NLP trainers teach you to immediately “hit the gas pedal” – by setting goals, forming mastermind groups, doing affirmations, hypnosis, law of attraction and more – we’re going to do the in-depth work necessary to help you release the past, so the future can show up more fully.

Finally, unlike a lot of the “wealth” trainings you may have attended, Applied NLP Practitioner Malaysia focuses on the “complete you”. There’s more to the abundant life than just money. Most of our graduates radically increase their income, but if money is all you focus on, your life will be completely out of balance, and true fulfillment will elude you.

What can I expect from this event? +

You can expect to finally make the “big changes” you desire in your life: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial changes that significantly increase your enjoyment of life.

THAT’S A BOLD STATEMENT. But here’s why we are confident making the claim…

Not with Applied NLP Practitioner Certification because you’ll actually learn and apply the principles, tools and resources you need to help you accomplish them while you’re at the training!

This time around your thinking and your actions will be different, you’ll see opportunities differently, and your outcomes will dramatically change.

How does the guarantee work? +

Our Money-Back Guarantee is simple. Attend the first day, and take part in every session. Work through the powerful exercises, examine your core beliefs, and design a new life for yourself.

If at the end of the 1st day you don’t agree that your every expectation has been met, and if you’re not thoroughly convinced that Applied NLP Practitioner Certification is worth much more than the price of tuition, simply let our NLP Master Trainer know before you leave to return home, return us the training materials, and we’ll refund your full tuition amount. Period.

How do I know if this is right for me? +

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you where you want to be?
  2. Have you accomplished all you thought you would by now?
  3. HOW LONG do you plan to allow yourself to continually experience procrastination, disempowerment, negative emotions, limiting beliefs, living with frustration, lame excuses, losing control of your personal power, fear of failure, goals and dreams that are left-behind unachieved and seemed hard to attain, feeling demotivated, stressed out and lousy, wasting Valuable time and energy running the Rat Race of failure using ineffective mindset and strategies…
  4. WHAT IF you could breakthrough your deepest fears, limitations, obstacles, barriers and challenges that have been holding you back from growth, achievement and start create massive results for getting the success you want in life?
  5. WHAT IF you could align these powerful forcesand pull yourself in the direction of your Ultimate Vision and Goals? WHAT IF you could empower yourself with Clarity that brings Focus, Joy and Fulfillment to your career, your finances, your relationships, your business and a successful life filled with Passion and Purpose?

If not, Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training will allow you to up-level every aspect of your life and lifestyle…

You can reach maximum levels of performance and achievement. They’re attainable by anyone. Yet most people have never learned the proven self-empowerment tools and time-tested performance strategies that are the basis for personal and professional success.

If any of this resonates with you—then this training is exactly what you need right now. You don’t think it’s an accident that you’re reading this page, do you?

Is there someone I can contact if I have more questions? +

If you don’t already know that this event is absolutely right for you, we would love to answer any of your questions by phone.

Send us your contact number and questions by Email or in our Facebook Page Chat. We'll call you back and we’d be happy to answer any specific questions that you may have.

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It doesn’t matter where you are in life…

Whether you’re a 40-year industry veteran or you’re brand new to your profession … a successful CEO or just starting your own business … a stay-at-home parent or a new college student… your life will undergo a massive and permanent transformation at Applied NLP Practitioner Certification Training. I personally guarantee it. Please drop us your contact number and questions by Email or in our Facebook Page Chat. We'll call you back and we’d be happy to answer any specific questions that you may have.