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NLP Technologies' Vision and Mission

Did you know that more than 70% of the Fortune 500 companies and other professions are using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and coaching skills to elevate their performance, establishing competitive advantage and staying ahead of others?


Did you know that NLP is one of the most powerful methods and effective tools for achieving positive change in existence today?


Isn’t it time for you now learn these practical and result-driven skills of NLP and Coaching?

Why choose NLP Technologies as your trusted partner to address your behavioral and performance problems?

⇒ Because we constantly measure results. We measure success. Without a measure, there’s no way to determine whether you have won, and therefore, less motivation to get something done. According to the greatest management guru of our time, Peter Drucker, “What gets measured gets improved.”

⇒ Because we choose only to do few things really, really well. Instead of trying to do too many things and end up doing many things inadequately, we constantly keep testing, experimenting, fine-tuning, researching and perfecting the knowledge and skills of NLP. We know what we do well, and how we could do it better. We focus exclusively on NLP.

⇒ Because we take our NLP to the next level. Going deeper, we have discovered that there’s more profound knowledge in NLP. Thus, the development of Neuro-Semantics™ and Self-Actualization Psychology™.

Through continued development on challenging problems, we have been able to solve complex issues and provide continuous improvements to a NLP knowledge that already MAKES CHANGE EASY and TRANSFORMATION FAST for individuals and organizations.

Our dedication to improving NLP helps us apply what we’ve learned to the roots of NLP, like Neuro-Semantics™ and Self-Actualization Psychology™. Our vision is to bring the power of NLP deeper and to empower more individuals and organizations to achieve their fullest potentials.

At NLP Technologies, Together We Make Success Happen.

NLP Technologies is a professional training and coaching company specializing in transforming behavioral change and performance improvement. We help individuals and organizations make lasting improvement in their performance, productivity and achieve lasting results that require a lasting change in human behavior. We help them realize their most important goals.

Leaders, executives and achievers seek us for training and coaching in the key growth areas. Vital areas that enable them to achieve excellence and success in their career, personal, professional, and business success to the next level with the most efficiency and the least cost. That’s right – the least cost.

Our intent is to provide you with the NLP Training and Coaching we would wish to have if our position were reversed, with you being the NLP Trainer and we the students. (Don’t get excited; this is not a switch we are considering.)

Staying Ahead of Others.

NLP Technologies – Giving you the proven tools, result-driven strategies and practically powerful solutions to have the competitive edge.

In helping individuals and organizations to achieve massive results, we leverage our core competencies in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neuro-Semantics™ (NS), Self-Actualization Psychology™, and other peak performance and transformational strategies – where it’s processes, procedures, intervention and strategies have been developed, advanced, fine-tuned, and perfected over decades. These proven methodologies, result-driven strategies, and practically powerful solutions help our clients achieve consistent and outstanding results, personally and professionally.

We continuously seek new and better ways to serve our clients to grow, to lead, and aim to anticipate their future needs.

For individuals, teams, and organizations
who wants nothing less than excellence

CY Soh NLP Trainer NLP Practitioner Training for Success in Neuro-Semantics Malaysia

CY Soh, NLP Master Trainer, Neuro-Semantics™ & Self-Acutalization Psychology™ Trainer, Success Coach

NLP, Neuro-Semantics™ and Self-Actualization Psychology™ provide the strategies, methodologies and skills that are methodical, structured, systematic, functional, transformational and powerful.

Practical applications of NLP in Leadership, Business, Communication, Coaching, Selling, Education, Research, Counseling, Parenting, Personal and Professional Development, etc.

FOCUS. Focus is, the hidden driver, the key to Excellence and Success. Focus is Power.

Here in NLP Technologies, we focus on Results! We focus on you!

We focus in helping individuals, teams, and organizations to discover and unleash their greatest potential and inner power within them, in achieving remarkable, lasting results.


CY Soh
Certified NLP Master Trainer
Licensed Neuro-Semantics™ & Self-Acutalization Psychology™ Trainer
Success Coach

Taking Your Productivity & Performance to the Next Level.

Focus. Result. Impactful.

NLP Technologies offers its first kind of serious class for everyone. If you seek the best NLP Trainer, you must already understand, this fully comprehensive, intensive NLP Training programs empowers transformative personal evolution.


From underperformers to peak performers

The NLP Training Courses and Coaching Solutions we offer aim to help individuals and organizations going from underperformers to peak performers and superachievers. Clearly, if you fit into that range, we can help you, too.

You can go to each section of this website, explore our different training and services, to learn more about what is offered to you, how it works and who is involved. This is highly recommended.

If you are unsure but feel it is time to take your career, relationship, finances, business or personal success to the next level, why don’t you have a look and see for yourself how we can work with you. You can also contact our Result Specialist. Their mission is to guide you to the services that would most serve your needs. They take the time to evaluate your specific needs so you do not waste your time and money on services that are not the most appropriate for your circumstances.

Remember that you can feel secure with many of our training courses and coaching that come with a Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee feature for you, because we want to make sure that you receive the best value you deserved! That’s our promise to you.

Again, to learn even more about us (and how we can specifically help you), it is highly recommended that you explore this site and contact our Result Specialist. Because this will go a long way to helping us helps you most affordably, effectively and efficiently, regardless of your needs, challenges or objectives.

Because we believe we will be successful if our clients (you) are successful.



The Definitive Path to NLP Mastery


Continuing with our commitment to effective, fine-tuned and methodical NLP Training,
NLP Technologies' NLP Certification Training delivers measurable results at every step as participants progress from competent to proficient.

How can we help you take your success to the next level?

- Live, practical, goal-oriented and result-driven Applied NLP Training and Coaching Training Courses.

- Success Coaching Solutions for Better Performance and Greater Heights.

- Contact us directly for Solutions.

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